The Creeps! v1.14.04 [All Levels Unlocked]

The Creeps! v1.14.04 [All Levels Unlocked]

Requirements: 2.3 and up

Overview: Build towers, earn badges, use flashlights, boomerangs, toy blasters and MORE to stop The Creeps! before they get under Johnny’s bed! Best tower defense game ever. Can YOU beat all the levels?


v1.14.01 update:

1.14.01 – Robot Rampage


*Robot Creeps have arrived in the latest PREMIUM level pack!

*Fend off the robots with the NEW “Flying Punch” tower!

This game has NO advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions:

*1° Method* ROOT

in this way I modify only the database to have all unlocked levels. Maybe this method will permit to update from the playstore. Apk isn't modified. Only for root.

[backup saveData2.db for safety]

1. Install apk from playstore (v1.14.04)

2. play some levels

3. Quit game

4. copy saveData2.db to PC with Root Explorer at "data\data\com.supersquawksoftware.thecreeps\files\saveData2.db"

5. download SQLite Database Browser from

6. Extract SQLite Database Browser and Run

7. Open saveData2.db

8. paste the following command on the 3rd tab "Execute SQL":

UPDATE generic3 SET levelpackunlockedflags=1048575998;

UPDATE totals SET levelunlockedflags=1048575998, levelunlockedflags2=1048575998, levelunlockedflags3=1048575998, levelunlockedflags4=1048575998, levelunlockedflags5=1048575998, levelunlockedflags6=1048575998, levelunlockedflags7=1048575998, levelunlockedflags8=1048575998, levelunlockedflags9=1048575998, levelunlockedflags10=1048575998

9. Press "Execute query"

10. Should show "no error" under "Error message from database engine"

11. save file

12. copy saveData2.db back to device with RE to replace "data\data\com.supersquawksoftware.thecreeps\files\saveData2.db"

13. Run game (Voilà! All levels unlocked)

*2° Method* NO ROOT

in this way I modified origianl apk to avoid control on locked levels. It doesn't need root but it can't be updated from playstore

Hirishiolo — Thu Mar 20, 2014 12:17 pm

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