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My wallets v2.5

Requirements: Android 2.1 +

Overview: The My Wallet app shows you everything you want to see in order to understand where you’ve been spending and where you need to save in order to maintain your financial well-being.


To begin, you create accounts in the app for bank accounts, credit cards and cash, and then enter transactions for your income and purchases. Categories and subcategories help you see your spending in details and discover problem areas.

The application provides various reports to look at different aspects of your financial life. You can, for example, see the list or pie chart that shows how much money’s going to food, gasoline, clothing and other categories, or how much you’ve spend in a specific category in the last week or month.

In addition, My Wallet has options to export your finances to file and also lets you password protect access.

The main functions:

- Create wallets with the addition of icons.

- Create groups, subgroups and on to infinity. With the addition of icons.

- Keeping receipts and expenditures with reference to the wallets and groups.

- Conducting money transfers between the accounts and currencies.

- View the report daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

- View the schedule change amount by days, weeks, months and years.

- View the report on losses and parishes into groups for the selected period.

- View the report on losses and parishes with a partition to wallets for the selected period.

- View a pie chart of losses and parishes into groups for the selected period.

- View the total loss of the parish and for the chosen period.

- Import and export database to a file.

- Set a password for entrance into the program.

- Change the theme, background image, time and date format.

- The introduction of currencies in each wallet.

- Update the exchange rate of the server.

- View the total bill for a selected currency.

- View graphs of the amount in each currency.

- Quickly adding transactions or transfers through the widget.

- View the total amount in all currencies of all wallets.

- The use of filters operations on different parameters.

- Export to Excel and XML.

Differences from the free version:

- No ads.

- Any export to Excel and XML.

We will be glad if you write us with your suggestions and comments.

Thank you!

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