App Releases • Nature Explorer v5.7.2

Nature Explorer v5.7.2

Requirements: Android 2.0 and above with up to 300mb free SD Card space.

Overview: Aviasoft Nature for Android has 14 nature topics to view. Locale is Western Europe. Each item has an illustration, photograph and text description. Birds subject also has bird songs. Nature topics and the newest app may be downloaded from within the app.


* Birds (European)

* Butterflies (European)

* Insects (Spiders and other Anthropods)

* Marine Life

* Wild Flowers (European)

* Trees

* Fungi

* Reptiles & Amphibians

* Weather

* Fossils

* Rocks

* Wild Herbs

* Mammals (NEW)

* Night Sky (NEW)

* Features...

* Auto sd-card detection

* Data stored off-line on your SD Card or internal memory(300mb)

* More support for new devices

* Full Database editor within the Windows version

* Species can be sorted alphabetically or scientifically and seen in Latin and common (English) names

* Search Functions improved and bug fixes

* Menu improvements with picture icons for species

* Extra data and features for Birders

* 'Slideshow' auto-advance feature.

* Improved Database

* Pinch-Zoom for images (or use zoom buttons)

* Memory usage reduced

* Bugs with search and list sorting in latin fixed.

* Improvements to overall funtionality of app

* Simple data edit in-app

* NEW! custom user-defined path to sd-card for devices with non-standard memory roots.

* NEW! In-App topic database download and install option

* NEW! Custom category lists for personalised on-the-fly species lists.

Version 5.7.2 changes:

* create a personalised on-the-fly list of species

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More Info:


Download Instructions

Nature Explorer APK (in a ZIP) (1.69mb):

Nature Explorer APK (in a ZIP) (1.69mb):

Nature Explorer APK (as APK file) (1.74mb):

Nature Explorer for Windows Desktop 5.2.1 - FULL (330mb):

The latest versions may also be downloaded free at:

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