App Releases • TunnelBear VPN v57

TunnelBear VPN v57

Requirements: 4.0 +

Overview: Rawwr! Indigenous to the Internet, TunnelBear VPN puts you in control of your web browsing!



* TunnelBear gives you 500mb of "tunneling" each and every month.

* Tunnel around geographically censored and blocked websites

* Browse the Internet with more privacy from websites and advertisers that collect your personal information

* A really, really simple to use VPN

* Tunnel to 7 different countries including US, UK, Canada, Germany, Japan and France.

TunnelBear is your Android’s digital companion on an increasingly fenced and monitored Internet!

“One of our favorite VPN services…”


“I have been impressed by its ease of use…”


“The easiest VPN programs I've ever used... "


“TunnelBear is more consumer-friendly, with a very-easy-to-configure interface."


"All you have to do is turn the knob"

-Wall Street Journal

“A most useful mammal…”

-Yahoo News

What's new

- Closest Tunnel: automatically finds the closest server for your bear to hop on to

- Improved connectivity and stability

- New bearrific country-select dropdown list

- 1234% more Bears

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Download Instructions:

Mirror ... 2.apk.html

14white14 — Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:49 am

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