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Photos and Files Renamer Pro v1.4

Requirements: Android 2.1 +

Overview: Rename your photos and files easily and quickly!


The app Rename photos and files, professional editon, also called JcRenamePro, is an highly enhanced APP to rename a photos or files series.

JcRenamePro is very useful if you want to rename your photos in order to classify and identify them by a name expressively defined instead of a generic sequential number or a date.

Have you visited Venice? Rename your photos as VENICE so that you can recall them immediately!

Its main characteristics are:

- elastic set ups to determine how to rename files (both for name and extension);

- automatic incremental numbering of the file name;

- visualisation of pictures or videos preview (only if correctly visualised on Android Gallery);

- immediate update of Android Gallery; by this means, using the Android Gallery, you can immediately view the renamed pictures, without having to start the multimedia scan;

- function which allows to restore the previous files names;

- options to manage also the hidden files and folders;

The free version JcRename was improved as follows:

- no advertising;

- the visual aspect and the menu organisation;

- pictures and videos preview was included;

- immediate update of Android Gallery was included;

- the possibility to rename also file extension was included;

- function which allows the to restore the previous files names;

- hidden files and folders management option was included;

In case of errors or malfunctions of the app, please write to this address "", with all the details: we will be glad to help you to solve in order to try to solve them, thank you.

This app has NO advertisements

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