Resident Evil 4 v1.00.00

Resident Evil 4 v1.00.00

Requirements: 2.2 and up

Overview: The bypass your raid of Ganado looming, the case blocking the ambitions of guru Ozumundo Sadler Ross Iruminadosu cult! [Main characteristic] To allow for intuitive operation "behind the camera" You can play point of view close to the character more, overwhelming sense of reality as well born, the action can be intuitive in movement and combat. Aiming pinpoint target "shooting" Attack, intuitive operation of only point in the virtual pad on the screen sight of firearms. Reload can do to shake the terminal. At the touch of a button a variety of deployment "action icon" By touching the "action icon", for example, make a ladder, jump from a height, kick the enemy, to expand the various actions according to the situation. Help game "special items" a weak person To prepare the items that have "player stamina automatic recovery", "gun power twice" and "five times the amount of money to take from the enemy", a powerful support for all five. [Mode] "Story Mode" Leon received a rescue request of the president daughter Ashley. You must pull yourself together and face up to the zombies in order to carry out the mission! "Mercenary Mode" In the provision of equipment, mini-games to compete the score to defeat many enemies within the time limit. (Continuing with the "story mode", a new mission of "Mercenary Mode" will be added.) ※ Because it becomes the Android OS 4.0 or later correspondence, please note. ※ In order to download this app, you must have capacity of about 50MB memory in the body. ※ the first play at the time, I will download the game data separately. Therefore, you need space on your body to 100MB memory or external memory (SD card). ※ order to increase the capacity communication, it is recommended to work with Wi-Fi communication environment. Application installation, With the button "Agree and Download" Message "download of big app" is displayed. If you do not have a Wi-Fi communication environment, in this message Please uncheck the item "download only using Wi-Fi at the time" ... 1600/b.jpg

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More Info: tested on hvga and eggs devices


Download Instructions:

DATA- put data in Android/data/here

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