Grand Battle online android 2.2+

Game name: Grand Battle v2.5.1

Requirements:Android 2.2+



Game Description:

“Grand Battle” is a supercharged military strategy game on Android. At your command is a war fought on a grand world war Grand Battle with endless land, air, tank, missile and gallant soldiers.

Game Features:

★★Features of Grand Battle on Android★★

--Lifelike scene, buildings and weapons.

--Various military forces such as infantry, tank, jet fighter, attack helicopter, missile and atomic bomb.

--Abundant quests

--World WarⅡ battle simulation

--Realistic user experience

--World battle within one server

--Spy satellite locating enemy

★★Main game plays of Grand Battle★★

--Construct resource and military buildings for development,

--Construct various defense buildings to form world-class defense system

--Unlock, and train soldiers, tank, jet fighters, etc.

--Upgrade soldiers, tanks jet fighters, etc.

--Finish quests to speed up development

--Experience World War Ⅱ

--Use spy satellite to locate enemies and then destroy them

[u]Free download Grand Battle in googleplay:

harrisandrew73 — Mon Apr 08, 2013 10:09 am

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