Omoshiroi Spot the Difference v1.5

Omoshiroi Spot the Difference v1.5

Requirements: Android 2.3+

Overview: Omoshiroi Spot the Difference is not your average spot the difference game.


Solve the mysteries of the different images!

This game has 4 different difficulty settings to choose from, giving you different options on how to finish the game. It is highly suggested to start out on easy mode and gradually work your way up to challenge mode. Try to get all platinum medals!

On each setting, there would be different rewards (medals), time limits, number of items on the screen, and number of differences to be found. This will give you new experiences on each game mode.

Challenge mode is locked until you get the gold medal. It is expected that you have already memorized the places of the different items on the screen before playing under this setting. But don’t worry, there would be more items in challenge mode, to keep things interesting.

Unlock all 20 pictures by successfully getting any medal for that level. You could try unlocking all pictures with easy mode. Then go back and play the different game modes to get all medals!

Easy mode, was really designed for casual players. You can have your little brother or sister play this game mode, or even your parents if you want.

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omoshiroi_android_1_5.apk - 39.0 MB

omoshiroi_android_1_5.apk - 39.0 MB

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