Lightbot - Programming Puzzles v1.2.8

Lightbot - Programming Puzzles v1.2.8

Requirements: 2.2+

Overview: The official release of light-bot on Android, featuring 40 levels and 20 challenge stars to collect; light-bot is the best way to get hooked on programming!


Players use simple visual commands instead of words and syntax to control a robot that has to light up all the tiles in a factory. Whether you have no experience or years of experience programming, you will love the puzzles that light-bot has to offer.

Light-bot has levels that cover basic instructions, procedures, overloading, recursive loops and conditionals!

Light-bot is also a great puzzle game for teaching programming! The original light-bot is the game that's used by hundreds of teachers worldwide to introduce computer science concepts to their students!

What's New:

Update v1.2.8

Most recent update should fix Note 3 and other devices who had white screen bugs related to having GLES 3 graphics capabilities. Allow a few hours for the change to propagate through google play! Sorry for the long wait for this fix, it was a tough one!

Update v1.2.7

Unlocked all levelsets to start.

Fix to most (hopefully all) screen bugs

Update v1.2.6

Minor bug fix for save file changeover

Update v1.2.5

10 new levels

Updated some visuals/screen size bugs

Update v1.1.9

Added an overall best command count once all levels completed

Fixed sound volume controls not working ingame

Update v1.1.8

Fixed crash on load... sorry about that!

Update v1.1.7

Fixed crashing textfields

Added better UI handles for Commands

Other minor bug fixes

Update v1.1.3

Localization for Traditional Chinese

Fixed bug with missing exit button for not deleting saves

New Icon

Update v1.1.1, 1.1.2

Localization for French, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese (fr, ru, and pt-br)

Iconified many buttons

Fixed low resolution crash and other bugs following Localization

Reduced rendering artifacts for instructions

Updated punctuation to translations

Update v1.1.0

Localization for French, Russian and Brazilian Portuguese (fr, ru, and pt-br)

Update v1.0.9

Allow usb/sd card storage.

Visual bug fix to textures unloading sometimes on continue game

Update v1.0.7

v1.05 New, interactive, visual instructions

v1.06, v.107 Fixes visual bugs with the change

Update v1.0.4

Non-linear level progression (you can unlock future level sets by collecting stars).

Modified help/howto visuals for Procedures and Loops.

Update v1.0.3

Flashing bug fix

Some device crash fixes

Mini optimizations

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