App Releases • Android DC v2.4.2

Android DC v2.4.2

Requirements: 1.6+


Now with click-able link support, and customizable upload slot numbers.

Android DC, a Direct Connect client for android phones. Join your favourite hubs on the go and keep up with all the chat. Inspired by the ApexDC++ windows client.


Remember to connected to another port just include : at the end of the address. (ie, localhost:8080)

* To view the userlist, swipe to the left.

* To hide the tabs, click on the down arrow to the left of the input box.

* To increase your upload slots, please change them in the preferences, and then reconnect to your hub.

Dont worry, we are still working on downloads, but getting a bugfix patch out first (with a few new features :D), was on the top of our list.


Textbox no longer looses focus when new text is received

Favourites autoconnect is nolonger reset when you save

Fixed a bug where closing a tab would only leave one tab open

Fixed a bug where an orientation change would not open PM's again

Fixed incoming and outgoing sanitisation of chat (replacing of '|' and '&' with their ISO equivalents)

Fixes issues with special characters in chat ('$','|' and '&')

Allows changing of upload slots in the preferences menu

Fixed a bug where you couldn't create any more favourites

FINALLY added clickable link support!

Cleaned up some debug code

Fixed last character of the description being left off the end

Swapped share size with exact share


Dropped Java Error -- I have NO idea what this means, so if any SGS users could contact me via email, that would be great!

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kisakera — Sat Mar 22, 2014 3:09 am

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