Ace Commander v1.01 (Mod Supply)

Ace Commander v1.01(Mod Supply)

Requirements: 2.2 +

Overview: The AceCommander is a Air War Game;the mission Simultaneous Control the up to 4 Aircraft.

Optimized for the iPhone, drag and easily through tap control are fun to play.




The World War II in 1942.

Axis Force was in the middle of a triumphantly, Allied Force was in the age of darkness.

Germany and Japan defeated Allies with their powerful Air Force.

They have High-performance aircraft and experienced pilots.

This tough time, depending on your command of the allied commanders, the Air Force can use against the Axis military to a new squadron will be organized.

Your squadron is a mixed bag. Regardless nationality, race, what they belongs to.

Your mission is fighting with your Enemies through get the Aircraft what you need and selecting the excellent pilots.

Game Features:

- Simultaneous control of up to four aircraft squadrons

- 5 different missions (Combat Air Patrol / Intercept / Escort / Close Air Support / Reconnaissance)

- 20 Missions and 80 different stages, 20 Quest

- 25 Kinds of pilot characters

- 70 Types of aircraft

- 18 Types of items

- Pilot ranking system available to access Shoot down record.

- The Voice director makes you feel the Battle of the vibrant.

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