App Releases • Pocket Trains Official Guide v1.0.0

Pocket Trains Official Guide v1.0.0

Requirements: 3.0 and up

Overview: Want to become a railroad tycoon but don't know how? You're in luck.



Want to become a railroad tycoon but don't know how? You're in luck: The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Pocket Trains has just pulled into the station.

Produced by the gaming experts at Pocket Gamer, in association with developer NimbleBit, the guide takes you on a voyage of discovery: from the core elements of the game to an exclusive journey planner via essential tips and more, this is a grand journey no self-respecting Pocket Trains player will want to miss.

Pocket Gamer Guides are a growing line of delightfully interactive productions designed to help you take your portable playing enjoyment to brave new limits.

Each PG Guide delivers a comprehensive and awesomely touch-friendly package to aid both the newcomer and the seasoned fan: From series backgrounds, mission logs, complete in-game item breakdowns, tactical advice, character rundowns, to gameworld exposés, developer interviews (with insider tips, no less), sneak peeks at upcoming updates, and more – it’s all here. And all wrapped up in a layer of interactive deliciousness that only a digital creation can provide.

So the next time you’re stuck, remember you don’t have to be. If there’s a Pocket Gamer Guide for your game of choice, playing enlightenment awaits.

The Official Pocket Gamer Guide to Pocket Trains includes:

•All the basics – from gameplay, Engines, Fuel Cars, or Breakdowns, to Crates, Events, Trading, or Awards – and everything in between – we've got all of the fundamentals covered

•Complete breakdown of the Engines (including info and stats), as well as the Cars (with high and low value cargo highlighted)

•Essential help, including tips to maximise your Pocket Trains experience

•Exclusive interview with NimbleBit on all things Pocket Trains

•And more, more, more…

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