App Releases • ExDialer OS 7.1 Coffee Theme v1.1

ExDialer OS 7.1 Coffee Theme v1.1

Requirements: 1.6+

Overview: Beautiful and Clean OS 7.1 Coffee style theme for ExDialer.


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To use OS 7.1 Coffee Theme, you have to install ExDialer first. It can be downloaded from Google Play for FREE.

Beautiful and Clean OS 7.1 Coffee style theme for ExDialer.

Key Features:

- Original font & brand colors

- Theme icons, buttons and logos

- Optimized for different screen resolutions


1. Download ExDialer 7.1 Coffee Theme

2. Start ExDialer

3. Click on Menu-Preferences-Theme

4. Select 7.1 Coffee Theme

5. Click on Menu- Preferences-Appearance

Dialpad Size - Extra large (1.30x)

Dialpad Text Size - Small

Display ABC - OFF

ABC at Right - OFF

6. Go back to ExDialer

For information (from Wikipedia)

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What's New:

- circle contacts photos

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