Graph 89 v1.1.3

Graph 89 v1.1.3

Requirements: Android v2.2 or more

Overview: This is the paid version of Graph 89, an emulator for TI89, TI89 Titanium, Voyage 200 and TI92 Plus calculators.


If you use the free version often enough, please consider buying the paid version. This will help me provide new features and support.

The ROM image is not included. You need to extract this from you own calculator.

This App needs permission to look at your Android Account in order to generate a unique ID shown under F1/About. Note that there is no internet connection required for this App.

Revision History:


Bug fixes on 'State Save' and 'Out of Memory' errors on some older phones.


Backup Manager

Dot Matrix LCD simulation

Click Screen to Zoom

Reset RAM


Landscape mode for TI89, TI89T

TI92+ skin

Bug fixes


Emulates Voyage 200 and TI92 Plus

Multiple calculator instances


Take screenshots

Generate an ID under F1/About

Synch clock

Acoustic feedback on keypress

Automatic overclock

Grayscale support

Send group files (*.89g, *.tig)

Receive files, (var-link/F4/F3/send)

Performance improvements

Customizable LCD colors

This app has no advertisements

More Info:


Download Instructions


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