A new game called Linezeta


Requirements: Google Play

Overview:Full Scale Mech Battles that brings out the best from a mix of Bejeweled, Gundam, and Pokemon into a game that is easy to learn and enjoy.


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Linezeta is released in the Andoird market / Google Play

A Chance Encounter

Was it fate that introduced me to this game as I was browsing through Google Play? I was searching for a new game for my phone and I was willing to try anything. I first saw the app illustration which showed a picture of a robot. Being a mecha fan myself, I decided to download and try it out. I loved the Gundam anime series so this looked promising. Plus it didn’t hurt to know that the game was free to play.

Experiencing the Game

The beginning of the game reminded me of how Pokemon was played back in the Gameboy. You are given a choice between 3 starting robots (Red, Blue, and Green) which would serve as your main mech while you collected others to be your support units. Each unit is strong against a certain color while being weak against another one. This adds depth to the importance of proper army building later on. This early into the game, I can feel the need for strategy and thinking later on.

Doing quests is very straightforward. You march your mech army against random robots that block you from achieving your objective. Combat is formatted after a Bejeweled like screen wherein you align gems to attack. After each battle, you have a chance to obtain new robots which can be fused together in order to unlock evolutions. Yes, it’s basically Pokemon with armor and missiles.

What to do now?

There is still a lot to be discovered within the game. Personally, I took the red robot since it’s my favorite color. I might be weak against Blues so I will probably upgrade it or get a Green mech to insert into my army. Play style depends on your preference, but no matter what you do this game is definitely something that is worth trying out. Build the army that reflects who you are and how you want to win.

Download Instructions: Google Play

drift_shifter8 — Wed Aug 28, 2013 6:37 am

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