Color Touch v1.5

Color Touch v1.5

Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher

Overview:Now create stunning artwork from your photos by removing or changing colors! Its so easy to become an artist and amaze your friends.






Color Touch Effects allows you to Recolor images and apply cool effects to them.

Where's the fun:

** Highlight only the portions you like

** Change colors of any thing in the picture

** Give a completely new feel and form to your old photos

Its live a cool convenient photoshop which anybody can use .

No unnecessary tools, just the ones required to add fun and spice to your photos

How it Works:

-- Color Effects converts your photo into a black and white image.

-- Then Color Effect gives you the freedom to add any color wherever you’d like.

-- Either you can add the original color to some parts or you can add any other new color of your choice

So add color effects, retouch your photos with a splash of color effects fx and have fun with photos adding effects and colors to them

More Info:

Download Instructions:


✓ Please don't add mirror in my release, Thanks!

✓ Support developers!

sinasohur — Fri Apr 19, 2013 4:12 am

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