Aeon Avenger v1.1.4 (Google Play)

Aeon Avenger v1.1.4


Overview: Adventure story of revenge through time and space!

The story of revenge across three eras – past, present, and future – starts now! Long ago, gods governed the world and magical powers were granted to people. But over centuries, people developed their own technologies and forgot the gods. The main character Lake is a young man who led an ordinary but happy life in a rural village, until the day the Man in Black and his monsters brutally attacked his town, and his family was killed.

Lake set out on a journey for revenge and met Rean, a young woman in a tribe who keep the secrets of time-travel. For revenge, and to learn the truth, their adventure beyond space and time begins...

XPERIA PLAY Optimized.

Uploader's Note: I do not know if this needs to be cracked, but it still works on my phone even after uninstalling it via Google Play and restoring my backup. I have the modded Play Store installed if that makes any difference. Data files are included in case they are needed. Mimi glitch is STILL present in this update.


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UndeadSquirrel — Fri Mar 15, 2013 8:17 am

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